In 2019, Stramit celebrated its 30th birthday. But our story started long before 1989.

Our roots originally came from various family-owned roofing, rainwater and roll forming business - some of which dated back to the 1890's.

This explains why an entrepreneurial spirit, high quality standards and good old-fashioned customer service runs deep in our DNA today.

Fast forward to 1989. The Stramit we know today was born after KH Stramit and Amatek Building Products joined forces.

Since then, we've developed new products, which have been recipients of Australian Design Awards.

As a member of the Fletcher Building group, we're passionate about the role we play in helping improve Australia's built environment.

Our work extends beyond manufacturing quality steel building products.

From ordering through to invoicing, we're always working on how we can make it easier for our customers to get on with building spaces that support Australian households, communities and businesses for years to come.