Ozseal provides plumbers with a broad range of premium plumbing sealants for both inside and outside the home.

Their range includes:

Kitchen and Bathroom Silicone - Ozseal Kitchen and Bathroom Neutral Cure Silicone is a premium, oxime-curing wet area silicone sealant. It is specially formulated to resist mildew when exposed to prolonged hot and humid environments.

Roof and Gutter Silicone - Ozseal Roof and Gutter is a premium one component, mid flex, neutral curing 100% silicone roof sealant, which provides excellent adhesion to many common substrates in plumbing and roofing applications.

Solvent Cement - Ozseal Solvent Cement is designed as a high bond strength PVC pipe cement for pressure or non-pressure situations for either pipe work or sheet form PVC substrates.

Priming Fluid - Ozseal Priming Fluid is a solvent based product specially formulated to clean and prime PVC-U pipe and fittings